to: 30 Apr 2021




Dear Colleagues,

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the twenty-second International Vacuum Electronics Conference, IVEC 2021, organized and sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA) with the technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). The conference will be held virtually on 27 to 30 April 2021.

IVEC was originally created in 2000 by merging the US Power Tubes conferences and the European Space Agency TWTA Workshops, and has now expanded to a fully international conference.
In view of current events, the 2021 edition of IVEC will be held on a virtual platform. This ensures that all interested persons will be able to participate, regardless of their individual travel situation. You can learn more about IVEC by visiting, the IEEE EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee website.

IVEC 2021 aims at being an international forum of information and technical discussion between the various players in the field of vacuum electronics: designers, researchers, young and experienced engineers, scientists, device users, manufacturers, operators, government/institutions, academics and of course, our valuable students.