to: 08 Nov 2020




The Italian Space Startup Competition (ISSC) is a startup competition whose area of interest is space in all its facets. During the two days of the event, participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts from the space field and to work in teams, so to discuss their ideas and shape them into business cases. The participants will benefit from the support of mentors, whose backgrounds and expertise are diverse and covering different areas of the space sector.

At the conclusion of the ISSC, these ideas are presented in front of a jury during a pitch competition. The business ideas may include new technologies, spin-in or spin-off, or space data applications.

Competition Goals

The aims of ISSC are to promote the interest of the young generation in space business and to bring forth the next generation of entrepreneurs, encouraging knowledge sharing, fostering innovation and providing participants with the necessary backdrop to network, learn and shape the future.

The event is dedicated to, but not limited to, new-graduates, students and young professionals who are interested in working in the space sector and are willing to take a challenge in a business context. The interdisciplinary of the event allows people from any background, be it engineering, law, economics or else, to participate. This will allow participants to form diversified teams and aim to the top.