to: 27 Oct 2020




As part of techUK’s geospatial campaign, techUK are delighted to announce the kick-off webinar on the 27th October to showcase to members and non-members what the future of geospatial data looks like for the UK and why the technology sector will be an instrumental part of the UK’s geospatial future.

To ensure the technology sector is ready and able to play its part in ensuring the UK can become the world leader in the advancement and adoption of geospatial data, techUK’s geospatial data campaign is dedicated to sharing industry insight and knowledge to help the geospatial market and technology sector to collaborate and innovate together.

We will help techUK members and non-members understand the UK’s geospatial opportunity and navigate why certain industries have been able to adopt geospatial data practices, in use cases such as construction and transportation, and what best practices can be shared to increase understanding of geospatial data for the technology sector. We will also begin to understand where geospatial data can be integrated into other forms of emerging technologies such as digital twins, to drive forward the UK’s position as a world leader in geospatial data.