to: 09 Oct 2019


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The Mining Space Summit is a one-day workshop organised to foster the increasingly vibrant dialogue around the development of the space resources utilisation (SRU) sector. As global investment in SRU companies and capabilities increases and new sources of demand for space resources materialise, outstanding challenges remain. Two challenges in particular will be key in enabling the success of the SRU sector: (1) the viability of SRU business models and (2) the development of critical technologies and operations.

To address these challenges, engagement between the “terrestrial” mining industry, those industrial entities currently mining on Earth, and the space community is key. The goal of the workshop is to identify synergies and mutual points between these two communities in terms of business models, technology and operations.

Last year’s edition of the workshop hosted 140+ stakeholders from across the mining industry and the space community, including start-ups, mining and space corporations, governments and financial institutions.