to: 17 Sep 2021


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain


UPDATE: Global concern about the spread of the COVID-19 is causing apprehension about travelling and participating in our forthcoming conference event in October of 2020. The MULCOPIM conference committee shares this concern and we realize that the uncertainty associated with further spread of the disease in combination with the already active travel restrictions in most countries, will most likely not lead to the type of conference we are striving for. We are pleased to announce that we have found an attractive alternative. Our MULCOPIM conference will be scheduled from the 15th till the 17th of September 2021 when we expect COVID-19 to be contained and worldwide travel constraints lifted.


The Radio Frequency Equipment and Technology Section (TEC-EFE) of the European Space Agency, in collaboration with Val Space Consortium, the Technical University of Valencia and the University of Valencia, is organising a new edition of the International Workshop on Multipactor, Corona and Passive Intermodulation (MULCOPIM).

Since 1993, the MULCOPIM workshop is intended to be the meeting place for researchers, designers, test engineers and users of any space high power RF hardware. The aim is to share relevant information on the design and testing of high power RF hardware for the prevention of RF breakdown (Multipactor and Corona) and Passive Intermodulation.

The workshop provides many opportunities for networking and interaction with international experts in MULCOPIM fields, being an exciting forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent advances.