to: 22 Jun 2019


Azores, Portugal


In the context of the evolution of the remit of space and the role of Space Agencies from pure agencies to partners, facilitators, mediators, brokers and enablers, the 2019 New Space Atlantic Summit, in Santa Maria, on June 21-22 will address the take up of new opportunities for the space and other sectors.

The Portuguese Space strategy, “Portugal Space 2030”, and the newly founded Portuguese Space Agency “Portugal Space” will provide context and inspiration for a wide range of topics that will be addressed by experts over several discussion panels. Emerging processes and products to boost the exploitation of space data and signals through space-based and space-enabled services and applications will be particularly addressed in a way to contribute to new services, such as autonomous shipping and environmental sustainability, together with the development, construction and operation of space infrastructures (mini-, micro- and nano-satellites and a spaceport).

This 2019 New Space Atlantic Summit follows the main conclusions of the 1st summit in May 2018 in Lisbon, which brought together new actors and active players in Europe in the area of New Space. It is organized by Portugal Space in collaboration with the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, FCT, the Atlantic International Research Centre – AIR Centre and the European Space Agency (ESA).