to: 21 May 2020




COVID epidemic also gathered its victims among space companies: the first to dismiss all workers and shut down work in general was Bigelow Aerospace, which developed inflatable modules for space stations. The second, and most significant loss to this date, was the bankruptcy of OneWeb, an ambitious startup that launched a fashion for connected mega-groups. The company became the largest commercial customer for Russian launch vehicles, it launched 74 of 600 satellites into orbit and, unable to attract the next round of investment, filed for bankruptcy.

Experts warned that the failure of one of the space “unicorns” that attract megaraounds could adversely affect the desire of investors to invest in space startups. Some say that the crisis was just a convenient excuse to get rid of distressed assets. Was it really? Together with our guest speakers we will talk about the way this crisis will affect the volume of investments in NewSpace startups and what impact it will generally have on cosmonautics.