to: 24 Nov 2019


Tallinn, Estonia


Join EUMETSAT, CMEMS and Estonian Environment Agency scientists for a weekend hackathon working with free and open Copernicus ocean data in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-24 November 2019.

The Baltic Sea region is home to more than 85 million people (of whom 15 million live on the coast) and is one of the most intensively used seas on the planet. Whether it is shipping, fishing, energy cables and pipelines, or tourism and recreation, all these activities have an impact on the unique Baltic Sea region.

The challenge is to create solutions to problems that currently affect the Baltic Sea, and beyond, and help people in their daily lives in this beautiful region. To solve this challenge you are encouraged to use the wealth of newly-available Copernicus marine data which is all open access and ready for you to use.

Various approaches are welcome: create new solutions or add ocean-smart features to existing solutions. Propose innovative data visualisations for academic purposes or for raising awareness about the Baltic Sea environment and beyond. Mobile, web apps, platforms or hardware – it’s your call!

We would particularly welcome imaginative projects using artificial intelligence or machine learning approaches.
Copernicus OceanHack is funded by the EU’s Copernicus Programme and has been organised through a partnership of EUMETSAT, the Copernicus Marine Environment Service, and the Estonian Environment Agency.