to: 08 Jul 2020




In our modern world connectivity is more important than ever. IoT devices are skyrocketing and seamlessly became part of our life. But not only devices need to be connected. This year’s pandemic has taught us how to work and live in the online space. To connect people all around the world is not an easy chore. Land-based networks, outdated solutions may lead to blind spots or ineffective data transmission. To our next meetup we invited four space experts to show us how to bring connectivity to a new level and use satellite technology to connect people everywhere.

Damien Garot who previously worked with EUTELSAT and OneWeb will share his thoughts and experience in the topic of satellite connectivity. He will share insights that are not specific to one company, but more to the market and the challenges and opportunities any company would face.

Lacuna Space will be introduced by Rob Spurrett. The company is working on an ultra-low cost tracking service. Their goal is to provide reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. The Lacuna Network is available everywhere and all the time so customers can focus on their data collection.

Konrad Nieradka is going to present how KLEO Connect develops a reliable and highly secure satellite communication system. Their goal is to provide globally operating businesses broadband connectivity from space and customer-specific applications. The company will continuously expand their satellite network, provide data management platforms and develop one-of-a-kind solutions side by side with customers.

Patrick S. Lewis will also share his experience in the topic and introduce how Telespazio VEGA, a large consulting company can help emerging the satellite communication and providing the necessary support and services to the teams.