to: 13 Oct 2021




We may be virtual, but Planet’s global community is stronger than ever. Embrace change and discover the power of Global Connection.

The past year has underscored how tightly the world is connected. At Planet, we are reminded that – even in troubling times – we draw optimism from our expansive community of users, customers, and partners.

Every day, this community discovers novel connections between our data and new applications and solutions that capture insights from daily change on Earth. This will only accelerate with the convergence of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge data fusion techniques.

Meanwhile, as issues like climate change, food security, public health, and conservation take center stage, industry and governments see the need to collaborate and use data to drive economic growth and promote better outcomes for people and nature. Collectively, we’ll need to use the power of global connection to make progress.

Join us as we tackle these big topics at the most ambitious Explore yet.