to: 03 Dec 2020




With our increased reliance on space-based assets during a time where more satellites are launched than ever, space debris mitigation and minimising the risk of orbital collision is crucial. While the pandemic will have an impact on the satellite industry, there are indications that the growth of the (small)sat market will not dwindle during the 2020s.

Crowded orbits come with great risks, and increasingly so there are concerns regarding space situational awareness, space debris mitigation and technology development in this field. There have been further calls for international legislation and how crowded orbits could have an impact on satellite missions as well as launch. Meanwhile, a growing number of organisations are focusing on providing solutions to this issue, with ESA aiming for all of its missions to be ‘risk neutral’ by 2030.

Topics to be discussed:
· The continuous need for international legislation, standards, norms and procedures
· The growing implications of space debris on satellite missions and launch
· Updates on technology developments in this realm