to: 22 Mar 2020


White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London EC1Y 8AF, UK


The 24h hacking event. We will develop Android application utilising Galileo (GNSS).

We are pleased to invite you to our 24-hour hackathon on RAW measurements organised, as a part of FLAMINGO project, by the University of Nottingham and the European GNSS Agency. We aim to raise awareness of Galileo/GNSS (powering everything: from mobile networks to Google Maps in your phone) by creating the minimum viable product (Android mobile application) that utilises Galileo.

If you have a bright idea to use Galileo on Android-based mobile devices, want to test your skills and learn more about technology, check out our Navigation and Verified Location Challenges. We look for teams of 4-6.

We are looking for enthusiastic people from all over Europe with different background and skills to develop working R&D solution on the Android phone. We look forward to 24 hours of not only technical development and brainstorming but also conversations, games and expanding your horizons (including networking).

So fasten seat-belts, prepare your sleeping mats and dust-off your werewolf skills.

We are waiting for you!

Please note that whole hackathon is TO BE held online. For details please visit and