to: 29 Sep 2020




This online workshop will be an opportunity to gather and share best practice on the use of Sentinel-5P TROPOMI and other satellite air quality (AQ) and greenhouse gas (GHG) data, with a focus on regulatory activities. Aimed at regulators and other potential end-users of satellite data, the workshop will:

  • Introduce the TROPOMI AQ and GHG products
  • Signpost future developments in AQ and GHG satellite capabilities
  • Describe the Environment Agency’s experiences in developing a capability to use TROPOMI data
  • Present the result of a number of case studies using TROPOMI and other satellite AQ and GHG measurements
  • Provide opportunities for two-way discussion with an expert panel

The workshop will contain presentations from the European Space Agency, the National Centre for Earth Observation, the Environment Agency and University College London

A programme outline is provided below. A more detailed version will be emailed directly to registered attendees before the event along with the GoToMeeting joining details. Registration and participation is free.