to: 01 Dec 2020




Most mining companies and operations would agree that social challenges and maintaining the social license to operate are one of the biggest and very important issues facing the industry today. Mining companies have the responsibility to manage and solve social and human challenges everywhere they operate around the world.

Space technology continues to develop and improve with raising the potential to use satellite data to help solve these important issues. Building and maintaining trust with local communities and government is fundamental for mining companies, especially for obtaining and retaining a social licence to operate.

Satellite imagery, coupled with innovations in visualisation and analytics, provides a revolutionary platform from which environmental, social, and even operational mining information can be effectively communicated. It is possible to provide up-to-date intuitive and informative access to data about the mining operation, quality of water and vegetation in surround areas, positive investments into the community, through mobile devices, web platforms and desktop computing. It is possible today to deploy immersive 2D and 3D visualisations to successfully communicate the socio-environmental impacts of mining operations to local communities, even in remote areas. As extracted commodities continue to become more valuable, we have seen an increase in the amount of illegal mining and theft of assets. Satellite and associated remote sensing technologies are well-positioned to provide monitoring and predictive analytics to highlight areas of non-regulated activities. Satellite enabled systems can help to promote the benefits of formalising non-regulated compliant mining activities.

In collaboration with Satellite Applications Catapult and MineSense on 1st of December South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications are holding a webinar where social specialists from academia, space and the mining industries will discuss the social challenges and potential of space technology to tackle these incredibly important and universal challenges.

The Satellite Applications Catapult and South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications are not for profit organisations that have worked for years helping mining companies, projects and governments to optimise their processes using satellite technology which today is more accessible, powerful and capable than before and can be a much more efficient tool than traditional methods in exploration, communications, monitoring and more.

Who should attend?

Whether you want to simply learn more about social challenges in mining or what satellite capabilities are today, or whether you are actively looking for space tech solutions and new methods to solve today’s modern mining challenges, then join us and our panel of speakers to see what the satellite applications can do for you.

We welcome:

  • Mining companies who are looking to explore satellite applications for mining
  • Space companies who are currently or have the ambition to operate, collaborate and grow their presence withing mining industry
  • Academics interested in satellite applications in mining


10:00 -10:10 Welcome and Introductions

10:10-10:25 Social Challenges in Mining

10:25 – 10:40 Social Engagement for Mining Industry

10:40-10:55 – Space Technology and Satellite Applications

10:55-11:15 – Q&A and Close