to: 30 Apr 2021




SBIC Noordwijk, together with experts from the space industry, will host four specialised Earth Observation (EO) workshops aimed at entrepreneurs and other space enthusiasts. Every week, you’ll get closer to knowing everything you need to know about earth observation.

It will host these workshops with experts from Airbus, Netherlands Space Office, S&T and Verhaert. Also, successful ESA BIC alumni companies OPT/NET and Blackshore will host a session.

You will discover how existing Copernicus-enabled services and applications have been developed and deployed.

Workshop 2 will consist of two parts. The first presentation will be given by Taras Matselyukh, CEO and founder of OPT/NET B.V. OPT/NET B.V. specializes in advanced AI Platforms. Taras will present his company, explain two large scale projects under the EC Horizon 2020 funding – using Copernicus services – and reveal its personal success stories.

After the first presentation, Hans van ‘t Woud, CEO and founder of BlackShore, will introduce you to the world of the crowdsourced interpretation of satellite data and aerial imagery. Hans will focus on EO projects linked to the sustainable urban development.

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