to: 21 May 2020




Join us for Scottish SpacePower Institute’s Inaugural Joint Lecture with Professor Bill Buchanan and Paul Szymanski

The undisputed international authority on cybersecurity and cryptology, Prof. Bill Buchanan OBE, PhD, FBCS and Paul Szymanski, The internationally acclaimed expert on space strategies and space warfare.

In a world of interconnected cybersecurity and space activities, economies and critical infrastructure rely on satellites and space dependent services. Just as satellites are vulnerable and at a constant risk from hostile cyber activities and operations, so are our everyday activities here on Earth.

Our objective is to work with international organisations and permanently establish Scotland as a Global Space Diplomatic Broker and Negotiator. A referee in Space Surveillance, and an Honest Broker for competing interests in European space warfare. It is our ambition to become a premier center for NATO and other worldwide organisations involved in future civilian and military space planning.

Join us for the Inaugural Lectures followed by Q&A.