to: 18 May 2020




SEDEC Talks is going to deal with the future of security, defence and aerospace sectors with its first event on May 18th. Moderated by Türksat’s General Director Cenk Şen, the event will be held with the participation of leading domestic and foreign actors of the sector. This event, which will shed light on the future of the sector, will also contribute to the creation of a new road map for the participants.

In this regard, we will realize our first program, “The Future of Security, Defence, Aerospace After Pandemic” at the 18th of May, BST 19:00. We will be hosting important industry stakeholders like TURKSAT, SPACE X ,TUSAS, LEONARDO, AQST, and the supporting partners from Government and NGO’s in the session, which will be held free of charge online.

AIRBUS- Jean Marc Nasr, Executive Vice President Space

SPACE X- Tom Ochinero, SpaceX’s Vice President of Commercial Sales

TUSAŞ- Selman Nas, Vice President of TUSAS (TAI)

LEONARDO- Camillo Pirozzi, International Marketing&Strategic Campaigns, VP Turkey&Central Asia, Director Leonardo Ankara Liaison Office,-General Manager Vitrociset Branch

AQST, CEO, Gurvinder Chohan