to: 16 Sep 2020


Madrid, Spain


UPDATED: In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis, and due to the uncertainty of the situation in June, we inform you that the organizing team of SG[France] 2020 has decided to postpone the event to a later date in September.

SG[France]2020 – Our Giant Leap is the kick-off event of a new SGAC initiative and is built on three pillars: inspiration, education and community.

The first pillar of our event will be inspirational for all. Our keynote speakers will give three TEDx like speeches to launch the event and our initiative!

The second pillar is where we all put our hearts and minds together, discuss, learn and propose solutions! This will be done during four sessions of workshops led by experts invited from the aerospace industry, agencies and academia:

1. Tackling discrimination: from gender bias to harassment.

Implicit bias appears in all spheres of our lives as we make conscious decisions based on unconscious perceptions. This is how stereotypes related to gender, race, religion, nationality and much more, have a direct impact on how we socialise and interact with our colleagues. By joining this workshop you will work on identifying bias and its impact. Together we will brainstorm ideas on how to break free from stereotypes. We will also discuss the relation of bias with harassment and systemic discrimination with the objective of learning existing measures against both, and propose solutions for organisations of the aerospace sector.

2. Mentorship strategies

Mentors and mentees step forward and discuss different mentorship strategies with the delegates. From sharing tips on how to find your own mentor and breaking down the strategies that work best (and worst) to discussing ideas on how existing strategies can be transferred from the industry to academia.

3. Tips to make your work environment and conditions more inclusive

Everyone is a role player in the search for gender balance and diversity at work. So, everyone, from the intern to the manager and the CEO will get tips on how to make their work environment more inclusive. We will also discuss how to make working conditions more inclusive for all. You can do something on the daily and you will be better off knowing what exactly you can do!

4. Fill the gaps in female-oriented space research

If space is indeed for everyone then we ought to make future space-related research more inclusive. Come and discuss how we can orientate the future of space and space exploration towards including currently underrepresented groups, starting with women. Everything from analogue missions, bed rests, space suits and giving birth in orbit to whatever you bring to the table will be discussed!

Finally, the third pillar is our community. Throughout the whole event, there will be networking opportunities for all. The idea is to connect people who support our objectives and would like to continue working toward achieving our overarching goal of rendering the aerospace sector gender-balanced and more diverse.