to: 15 Nov 2020




SG[Germany] Panel 2 – Preparing and transforming the German space ecosystem by 2030: innovation, entrepreneurship and funding

Hosted by Spacewatch.Global

The originally planned Panel with the topic “The role of Germany in the international space sector by 2030” will be shifted online accompanied by informative keynotes and an engaging Q&A session.

The session timeline is planned as follows

  • 20 min – Keynotes by experts from our sponsors
  • 30 min – Panel discussion
  • 25 min – Your turn, ask your questions! (Q&A session)
  • Panel Topic

The international space context is changing fast — global competition is increasing with new entrants bringing new ambitions in space and space activities are becoming increasingly commercial with greater private sector involvement. Major technological shifts, such as digitalisation, miniaturisation, mass production, artificial intelligence or reusable launchers, are disrupting traditional business models in the space sector, reducing the cost of accessing and using space. The German space sector needs to adapt to seize business opportunities stemming from those changes so that Germany and Europe can keep its leadership and strategic autonomy in space.

Realising these ambitions requires fostering investments, stimulating innovation and nurturing an entrepreneurial space ecosystem in Germany and its various regions. This overarching theme will be introduced by two keynotes setting up the stage for the discussion on topics of innovation, key technologies shaping the decade ahead, funding and alternative financing, and potential synergies at the intersection of space and non-space industries.