to: 08 Nov 2020




Hosted by Spacewatch.Global

The originally planned Panel with the topic “The role of Germany in the international space sector by 2030” will be shifted online accompanied by informative keynotes and an engaging Q&A session.

The session timeline is planned as follows

20 min – Keynotes by experts from our sponsors

30 min – Panel discussion

25 min – Your turn, ask your questions! (Q&A session)

Panel Topic

Europe and Germany boast a strong space sector. This is largely the legacy of successful and remarkable space programs carried out during the past decades, particularly those on satellite navigation, Earth observation and human spaceflight mostly built upon public support. The country’s research and development performance, the increase in the national space budget and the considerable growth of German contribution towards ESA budget committed at CMIN19+ sets a high ambition for the country to gain an even more relevant position in the European and global stage as far as space activities are concerned.

How will Germany effectively deliver on the expectation and ambition throughout the 2020s? What will Germany leadership look like in the years to come? What are the strategic priorities and main axis of action? What should be accomplished in the short-term to be better placed in the longer term?

This theme and subsequent panel will be introduced by two keynote speakers addressing where Germany stands today regarding leadership in the space sector, and what the strategies, priorities, and ambitions should be in order to deliver upon this ambition and demonstrate effective leadership by 2030.

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