to: 28 Jun 2019


ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk


Space 4.0 services from space allow for remote environmental monitoring of resources such as:

  • Water management and leak detection from space
  • Pollution management, monitoring of pipelines and spill control
  • Land management to sustainably manage rain forest, lumber,crops & soil
  • Detection of liquid resources from space

As stated by the Director General of the European Space Agency, Prof. Jan Wörner’s Space 4.0 represents the evolution of the space sector into a new era, characterised by a new playing field. This era is unfolding through interaction between governments, private sector, society and politics. Space 4.0 is analogous to, and is intertwined with, Industry 4.0, which is considered as the unfolding fourth industrial revolution of manufacturing and services.

The Spacetech Symposia presented by TU Graz will explore, analyze and engage the audience with experts in these and related fields.