to: 29 Oct 2019


Design Museum, London


Hosted by architect and technologist Xavier De Kestelier, this discussion will speculate on the future of architecture beyond planet Earth.

What to expect

Space architecture conjures up images of gleaming white spaces with brushed aluminium details, endless corridors with automatic sliding doors and astronauts in uniforms operating curved see-through touch screens.

But the reality of living and travelling in space, is quite the opposite: cramped spaces, cluttered walls full of equipment and astronauts in shorts and polo shirts operating standard laptops.

Is there a different vision for space architecture? To investigate this, we bring together a panel of architects and anthropologists to reflect on advancements in space architecture today and discuss expanded and enduring designs for an inspiring future.

Xavier De Kestelier

Xavier De Kestelier is an architect and technologist with a passion for human space exploration. He is the Head of Design Technology and Innovation at HASSELL studio. He believes that architects have a crucial role to play in the design of any future settlements on Mars or the moon and has worked on space habitat projects with both ESA and NASA.