to: 22 Jul 2020




The National Online Form welcomes three panelists with up close and personal experiences with Space as a New Market.

In Robert Jacobson’s new book Space is Open for Business, over one hundred industry experts share exclusive insights, presenting a 360-degree view of the wide-ranging space industry, its emerging opportunities, investment potential, benefits on Earth, and more.

Space Is Open for Business provides a framework for those outside of the industry to understand the critical context that led to the commercial movement known as NewSpace, illustrating how private sector trailblazers have evolved this $350 billion global industry and how NewSpace’s exponential growth will lead our world into a new era of progress.

Randa Relich Milliron will talk about how her company, Interorbital, manufactures CubeSat and TubeSat picosatellite kits and has booked over 165 satellite units on the corporation’s launch manifest for rideshare on upcoming flights. In a completely vertically integrated fashion, Interorbital has also developed and is flight-testing a family of the world’s lowest-cost orbital launch vehicles: the unique modular and mission-customizable NEPTUNE Rocket Series. Interorbital’s manufacturing mantra is “A Rocket a Day!”

David Strobel will discuss Space Micro’s approach to providing radiation hardened, yet affordable, spacecraft subsystems operating in LEO, GEO, MO, HEO, and cislunar domains. The strategy to effectively address and market into both DoD and commercial space programs will be described. A final theme will be how Space Micro has leveraged SBIR and BAA funding into such a broad hi-rel space product line.