to: 04 Mar 2020


Science and Technology Facilities Council, Didcot, UK


This symposium will bring the communities of the Space and Health & Life Sciences sectors together to discuss the current and future landscape


With the UK set to build its space launch capacity, as well as its involvement in national and international space programmes, opportunities to increase cross-sector engagement to maximise terrestrial benefit are key.

The UK is internationally renowned as a leader in life sciences and chemistry R&D, health care delivery and in particular, has a heritage of world leading aviation medicine experience. Specialist research associations like the UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association (UK Space LABS) and others have been working with these communities to increase awareness and understanding of our fields of endeavour, to facilitate improved collaboration between the space and health sectors as they have developed.

This symposium is timed to bring the innovation communities and institutions of these sectors together to discuss interfaces between disciplines and sectors, share current opportunities and updates and help to inform the future strategy for cross-sector collaboration.