to: 10 Dec 2020




As location data becomes ubiquitous and pervasive, key economic sectors are becoming interested in finding out what location data can do for them. The geospatial community is responding by opening up to new growth opportunities. New trends in geospatial technologies are expected to impact multiple sectors and foster path-breaking innovation, addressing a plethora of emerging challenges.

In this respect, the Geospatial Commission has identified eight emerging trends that are poised to impact the industry in support of UK economic growth, with Immersive Technology being one of them. In August 2019, PUBLIC – an organisation that helps technology start-ups work better with the public sector – released the Future Technologies Review, analysing the commercial opportunities for the use of geospatial data, referring to numerous success stories and case studies.

Within KTN, the Geospatial Insights Innovation Network aims to enable better use of geospatial data, running events to connect the geospatial community with new technologies being developed that could benefit companies in the industry. In parallel, Immerse UK was set up to help grow the immersive tech industry by making the ecosystem less fragmented and helping facilitate collaborations and cross-sector innovation.

Enterprise M3 is home to significant Game Development and Space Industry clusters. It is expected that through Immersive Technology, innovation in both sectors of our economy will benefit from deeper cross-sector linkages.

This event represents the first of its kind in bringing together those key sectors for the exploration of collaboration opportunities in greater detail. In this context, both KTN, Immerse UK and Enterprise M3 LEP identified an opportunity to bring together the collective geospatial, gaming and immersive UK communities, and showcase some of their latest developments. We look forward to welcoming delegates from both innovative SMEs and larger, established companies.