to: 03 Nov 2020




How Space can contribute to disruption and innovation in the Health ecosystem?

Digital Workshop | One day | Webex Sessions

3 November 2020 | 9:00am – 4:00pm CET

The Health Care sector was hit by COVID-19, unprepared and with severe consequences. At the same time, the pandemic accelerated it’s digitalisation in an unprecedented manner on a global scale, especially in form of tele consultation and digital analytics solutions. Many of these applications have their origins in space. Space technology, in particular Human Spaceflight and Robotics, and health applications are influencing each other, leading to technological adaptations and improvements.

The use of AI for diseases diagnosis, chirurgical interventions and patient monitoring to augment clinical workflow and more in general the promotion of an holistic approach to hospital management and process optimization, as well as the use of interpretable algorithm in machine learning and of AI to extract value-adding outcome from medical literature and pathology reports are paving the path for a profound transformation of the Health Care system.

Meanwhile, no technological advancement will be successful without a global approach. This is where the concept of One Health plays a key role as a systematic approach to understanding environmental change and damages (e.g. deforestation, extensive farming), impact on animal health, and consequently its impact on human health, especially for waterborne and vector borne diseases. Improved scientific collaborations with shared datasets from various sources and the use of AI will further improve skills in monitoring, tracking, screening, mapping and modelling of diseases and pandemics.

ESA, towards its programmes and expertise has already an established role in the sector, with a clear willingness to be at the forefront of the new needs and strategic goals in order to tailor its action in support to the sector.

The ESA Downstream Gateway Digital Workshop will be organised with the participation of actors from the Health Care and the Space sector in order to present the opportunities and challenges in the use of space technologies, AI and data for the Health Care system.

The workshop will be convened as a series of high-level panels over the course of one day.