to: 23 Oct 2020




The Space sector plays a central role in the social, economic and environmental challenges that we face today. The specialized skill set and international network inherent to the scientific community can be harnessed to address developmental issues globally. Space science is a unique tool for development because of its links to research, education, cutting-edge technology and cultural heritage in societies across the world. The challenge is bridging the communication silos that can exist between research, industry, academia and culture, to provide a structure that is effective in bringing the space ecosystem together to share knowledge and practice, collaborate for common endeavours and support the skills for the next generation of space professionals.

During these panel sessions we bring the potential for a new “Space KIC” (Knowledge and Innovation Community) as an example of a structure that supports sharing of knowledge, expertise and opportunities. KICs are pan-European partnerships created under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) that bring together industry, policy, research and education to harness research and entrepreneurship to address societal challenges, create quality jobs and grow the sector.

This workshop will be considered a success if the participants share and co-create strategies that can be scaled up to this pan-European scale, in order to achieve similar objectives for the space community. The benefits, feasibility and value of a new Space KIC, will be one of the outputs of this session, alongside discussion of alternate structures and studies to achieve the objectives of greater cohesion, communication, knowledge and innovation. Of particular note is highlighting industries both in the upstream space sector and downstream application and the support and organisation at regional and local levels.