to: 09 Jun 2020




The new frontier is space; manufacturing of products is going beyond Earth and the future is manufacturing in and beyond terrestrial orbit. Already there is existing activity on the International Space Station, with companies vying for the opportunity to validate new processes and explore the benefit like micro gravity and ultra clean vacuum.

The opportunities are vast, and the challenges are significant, but this is a new wild west and those first to the proverbial gold stand the best chance of getting on the wagon. This will be whistle stop tour through the (short) history of manufacturing on orbit, the current activities, the future potential and what it means for not only space, but industry on Earth as well.


The harsh and hazardous environments required to deliver fusion needs extreme engineering using new materials and manufacturing processes. Skills and techniques in the pursuit of fusion also have relevance in space and this talk will endeavor to highlight some of the potential areas and technologies that potentially overlap

Join the Science & Technology Facilities Council in collaboration with the Astropreneur Programme and the Satellite Applications Catapult for an introduction to the world of manufacturing for and in space.