to: 23 Jan 2019


Central Working


Outer space is difficult. If you’re not an astrophysicist, a rocket scientist or an aerospace engineer, the space sector can seem pretty inaccessible. Space 101 will change that so that you can find your path in the NewSpace world.

Through conversation with NewSpace entrepreneurs, established space companies and public organisations, we’ll break down the jargon surrounding NewSpace, examining the challenges and opportunities that the space sector has right now, as well as where the space sector is heading.

This event is for anyone who wants to help put humanity into space, but doesn’t know how they can help. If you’re keen to make humans an interplanetary species, want to start a moon base or understand how satellites work, this is the event for you.

We will start with a panel discussion from industry experts talking about what New Space is and what the opportunities are in space. Then, you will have the time to discuss what you think are the possibilities are for further exploration.

After that, you will get the chance to have further conversations with the panel experts about the resources available to you all. Then you will get an opportunity to network and enjoy some refreshments. We are running a second, partner event on January 29th which will cover design processes, business thinking and how that applies to Space.