to: 09 Dec 2020




Effective development of habitation & building technologies for ISRU (In-Situ-Resources-Utilization) to cater for human habitats on the Moon and on Mars is becoming a top-priority at international level not only because a sustainable outpost on such remote and hostile environments will soon be needed, but also because the engineering concepts to be implemented and the tools to be utilized for these achievements might indeed represent a game-changer also for eco-friendly, low-cost and fast-paced construction methods potentially benefitting billions of people for habitation solutions in developing Countries of planet Earth.

This panel discussion will shed new light on both the container and the content of the SpaceLand Center which will be the 1:1 pilot project show-casing such unique breakthroughs to demonstrate the state-of-the-art of the technologies addressing out-of-this-world targets while at the same time hosting immersive interactive facilities to enable anybody to experience low-gravity on the ground, at any age, and serving valuable humanitarian projects world-wide.