to: 14 May 2021


Brijuni, Republic of Croatia


Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) is the organizer of the Brijuni Conference which shall bring an up-to-date perspective of the present state of a given topic with the fundamental scientific philosophy to stimulate a cross-disciplinary flow of knowledge and expertise from both the science and technology standpoints. Besides major challenge of our civilization to make Earth habitable for millennia to come it must also satisfy yearning to make its presence in Space. Space must not be the escape root for humans from inhabitable Earth but an upgrade to its civilization. Numerous are challenges for humans settling in Space and many of them are to explore new knowledge by the tools of science and technology. At the hearth of these challenges is propulsion, navigation and communication. New ideas that meet these challenges shall be discussed in the interdisciplinary spirit and informal flow of ideas. Tranquillity of beautiful nature of the National Park Brijuni is ideal place for discussing Space science and technology.