to: 04 Jun 2021




ECMWF’s annual user meeting, open to all users of ECMWF data, products and services.

The meeting provides a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences on the use of ECMWF data and products and to collect feedback on forecast performance and ECMWF products. It will feature a variety of talks by participants and ECMWF staff, keynote addresses and interactive sessions.

The 2021 theme ‘Weather in exceptional circumstances’ will explore forecasting for severe weather and extremes and providing data, products and services in extraordinary circumstances. Recent times have proved that ECMWF, all users of ECMWF data and products, and the wider meteorological community have the ability to continue to provide useful and informative information even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

During the meeting we will look at how ECMWF products and services have been used to understand weather extremes and mitigate the impacts of extraordinary circumstances. There will be a focus towards using case studies as examples and the benefits of working collaboratively with other countries and organisations.

The meeting is being planned to be both in-person and online to allow the maximum number of participants to attend.

Registration opens: 13 January 2021
Abstract submission deadline: 19 March 2021