to: 03 Nov 2017


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What lessons can you learn from the most powerful European in business policy? What insight will the reigning Formula One champion offer into preparing for competition? How would you apply inspiration from an aviation pioneer to your strategy planning?

WIRED Live offers an eclectic smorgasbord of stories, insight and innovation from 50 fascinating individuals changing the world. Curated by the WIRED editorial team, WIRED Live is comprised of a collection of newsworthy talks, demos and showcasers covering AI, VR, deep tech, politics, design and science.

This unique two-day festival gathers more than 800 business leaders and entrepreneurs from brands, Fortune 500, startups, scaleups and agencies – who need a fresh look at the future and to keep an edge over competitors.

Special rates are available for startups, scaleups and public-sector workers.

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