to: 18 Nov 2020




The space industry is experiencing a rapid growth while more companies, organizations, and individuals are interested in being a part of the progress. The goal of this course is to help build both the business and technical acumen of those stakeholders with a reinforced understanding of the process, design, and market of small satellite systems. This one-day course is the all-in-one platform covering how to create a successful mission. This course will provide an outline of the systems engineering approach to develop a space mission using small satellites from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) (including reentry) to Geostationary Orbit (GEO), as well as interplanetary missions. Along with these objectives, attendees will also be given an overview of the space environment (plasma, charging, thermal, radiation, dose, etc…) and how they affect mission performance.

This new, one-stop shop for space stakeholders will explain how to mitigate design problems, design a satellite based on mission specific requirements, and achieve flight lineage through first-time mission success. Instructors will be hands on with attendees and discuss business practices, case studies, and interactive models for easy application!