Mars City Design

7 September 2016

A cross-disciplinary team of experts are supporting the innovative design solutions for sustainable cities on Mars. Founded in Silicon Beach in Los Angeles, California by Vera Mulyani, Mars City Design is looking not only to explore Mars but to create a second home on the red planet.

Mulyani has united a team of creative visionaries from around the world. These experts are responsible for analysing Mars City Design competition submissions from around the globe. Last year’s competition was very successful, inviting 135 entries worldwide, submitting different categories, from Smart Architecture, to Tools for Astronauts. The top 25 are will soon unite to further their ideas into tangible designs at the Mars City PowerLab. The workshop will take place later this month, for two weeks in California and is being funded through the successful Kickstarter.

The 2017 competition starts in October 2016 under the theme of “Transportation” with the technology applied to the context and accuracy of Martian conditions.