Die Astronautin

7 June 2017

Die Astronautin: Crowdfunding campaign started

Everyone who wants to help get Germany’s first woman into space can contribute their part to making history. The goal is to reach at least 50 000 EUR by the end of April. This will be used to finance the first training session.

“Now it all comes down to this: We showed that Germany’s women have the skills to fly into space. Now we have to prove that the people in Germany believe in the candidates and also support the project financially. The next stage is the training of two of the female candidates as astronauts. We want to finance some of this training with the funding generated by the crowdfunding campaign and of course, we hope that we will far exceed the minimum target of 50 000 EUR. We want to create the flight into space by means of some sponsors. The negotiations with sponsors are running in parallel and many have supported us. A broad support from the population in the crowdfunding campaign would be a big step forward,” said Claudia Kessler, initiator of the campaign.

For more information on the crowdfunding campaign visit: https://www.startnext.com/dieastronautin

Parallel to the crowdfunding the selection process goes to the last round. In the next step, a jury of the six finalists will select two women who will be trained as the first German astronaut. One of them will be Germany’s first astronaut to fly to the ISS before 2020. The project has two aims: on the one hand, Die Astronautin is to inspire women and girls as a role model for technical professions and a science study. On the other hand, during an ISS stay, an experiment programme will be used to investigate how the female body acts in weightlessness.


For further information on Die Astronautin visit dieastronautin.de and on Facebook at facebook.com/DieAstronautin

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