Monitoring our planet

22 November 2018

In our latest infographic we take a look at various climate change indicators and how private companies are now filling the gap to address key challenges.


1. “Evidence for climate change”:
2. “The Most Powerful Evidence Climate Scientist Have of Global Warming”:
3. “Climate Change: The Evidence and Our Options”:
4. “The Science of Climate Change: Evidence, Examples, and Avoiding the Worst”:
5. “Ocean Acidification”:
6. “Frost-Free Season”:
7. “How do we know the Earth’s climate is warming? ”:
8. “Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices”:
9. “Global Glaciar Recession”:
10. “New Wave of Mini Satellites Could Boost Climate ”:
11. “The Space Race is On for Climate, Weather Privatization”:
12. Planet
13. Geooptics
14. PlanetIQ
15. Gigital Globe
16. GHGSat
17. Spire:
18. “Spire Global”:
19. “Planet Labs”:
20. Crunchbase: