Space junk and those who are trying to clean it

22 May 2019

We take a look at space debris, what it is and where it comes from. We try to get a scale of the problem and look at which startups are trying to find a solution.


  1. “Latest Report on Space Junk“:
  2. “Space Debris: The ESA Approach 2017“:
  3. “European Conference on Space Debris Risks and Mitigation“:
  4. “Space junk threatens to disrupt our daily lives. Here’s what experts are trying to do about it“:
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  6. “Orbital Debris“:
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  8. “Orbital debris removal company Astroscale raises $50 million“:
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  10. “Despite concerns, space junk continues to clutter Earth Orbit“:
  11. “Galactic garbage collector aims to clean up in space“:
  12. “What is space junk and why is it a problem?“: