30 May 2019

Each month we round up some of the top stories in space, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance and technology.

Here’s our round-up for May:

AWS Announces General Availability of AWS Ground Station


With a network of satellite ground stations located in close proximity to AWS Regions around the world customers can download, process, store, analyse, and act upon satellite data quicker with substantial cost savings Capella Space, D-Orbit, Maxar Technologies, Myriota, NSLComm, Open Cosmos, Spire, and Thales Alenia Space are among customers and partners using AWS Ground Station. Read more in this article by Business Wire.

Jeff Bezos on off world colonies and long term plans

On May 9, 2019, Jeff Bezos discussed his vision to go to space to benefit Earth. In addition, he also announced the Blue Moon lunar lander, which is capable of taking people and payloads to the lunar surface.



The LSA Data Center has been created to support businesses in Luxembourg with reliable, fast and intuitive access to data streams from the European Copernicus Earth Observation programme. Read the press release by the Luxembourg Space Agency.

©LSA / Dominique GAUL

£2 million available to develop horizontal spaceflight in the UK

Future spaceports can apply for a share of £2 million to support plans for small satellite launch from aircraft and sub-orbital flight from the UK, Science Minister Chris Skidmore announced on 22 June 2019. Read the announcement here.

Launch UK. Credit: UK Space Agency

Seraphim Space Camp launches its latest mission, with 7 spacetech startups

U.K. space accelerator Seraphim Space Camp appeared last year as the first-ever U.K. spacetech accelerator, and being, frankly, the only accelerator of its type, it has quickly shored-up a number of partnership links and hoovered up many of the startups in the… space.

Seraphim Space Camp Mission 3 startups. Credit: Seraphim Capital

ICEYE Announces South Korean Satellite Data Agreement To Peer Beneath Clouds

Finnish satellite startup ICEYE, which was cofounded by an alum of the Forbes 30 under 30, is moving further into the lucrative Asian space market. ICEYE signed a memorandum of understanding with Asia Pacific Satellite Inc. to provide synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) data for the South Korean market, the companies announced Wednesday (May 15). Read more at Forbes.

Artist’s impression of the ICEYE-X2 satellite. ICEYE

NanoRacks Announces European Company, Hires Veronica La Regina as Director

NanoRacks announced Veronica La Regina as the Director of Global Engagement (Europe) and will be directing NanoRacks Space Outpost S.r.l, an Italian company, co-located at ALTEC in Torino. She will be moving to Torino along with NanoRacks Head of European Operations, Peter Bak. See the press release at Nanoracks.

SpaceX wants to offer Starlink internet to consumers after just six launches


SpaceX has created a brand new website dedicated to its Starlink satellite constellation, a prelude to offering Internet service to consumers after as few as six launches. Additionally, reiterated CEO Elon Musk’s estimate that SpaceX will conduct 2-6 dedicated Starlink launches – carrying at least 60 satellites each – in 2019 alone. Read more at Teslarati.