Arctic15 set to blast off in Helsinki

3 June 2019

Arctic15 is set to blast off in Helsinki, Finland this week on 5-6 June 2019. Organised by ArcticStartup, a startup media covering Nordics and Baltics, the 2-day event brings together 400+ startups, 300+ investors, 150+ corporates and media from 50 countries.

There are 15 Tracks focused on various industries, technologies and business functions from AI and Blockchain to Digital Health and Scaling. Industry players can use the time efficiently and gather under one roof. The focus is on making deals and quality networking.

Spaceoneers will be at Arctic15 once again in support of the new space economy. Curated by Valerie Vlasenko at ArcticStartup the programme brings together leading startups and investors including Iceye, Reaktor, German Orbital Systems, Promus Ventures, ESA Business Applications, Business Finland and Seraphim Capital. The track will also feature a fireside chat on ‘How do non-space companies use space in their business and why you should too.’ The session will conclude with a Startups Showcase featuring:

  • PlanBlue – a German startup who offers a new seafloor monitoring technology that is changing the way we map, assess and even understand our seafloor: the “DiveRay” and the accompanying software.
  • Addcomposites – a Finnish startup developing a new technique for automated manufacturing of laminated fibre-reinforced polymers, such as carbon fibre composites.
  • Cloud Asset – a Finland based technology innovator that develops platforms for IOT, data, decision and payment systems that digitise business functions and processes for complex use cases.
  • Solar Foods – a Finnish startup that plans to produce edible protein from air and electricity. The company announced its partnership with the European Space Agency to work on food production for future space flights.
  • Terramonitor – the world’s most dynamic, comprehensive and cloud free mapping and analysing platform of the globe, which consists of over 100 million images. It gives professionals the power to analyse, build and organise geographical information into actionable insights by leveraging up-to-date satellite data and AI.

Come see for yourself what Finnish new space has to offer at the New Space Economy track brought by Business Finland! We spoke to Markus Ranne, Programme Manager of New Space Economy at Business Finland:

Why is Business Finland is sponsoring the New Space Economy track?

The track brings together relevant domestic and global space players and it is a very good opportunity for us to tell how Business Finland’s funding, internationalisation and invest in services can help companies involved in space tech or applications to grow their business. It also offers an opportunity to reach out to companies currently not involved in space related activities and make them aware of the opportunities space can offer them to develop their terrestrial services.

How Finland is involved in new space?

Finland is traditionally a strong player in component manufacturing and space research. Now we have our own nanosatellites, which are affordable, can help ships to navigate in harsh environments and autonomously, provide data of crop fields and logging areas, or support the fight against climate change. Additionally, innovative startups have launched ground-breaking new services based on space tech. Following this development, by 2025 Finland wants to be the world’s most attractive and agile space business environment, which benefits all companies operating here.

What you are most looking forward to at Arctic15?

I am looking forward to meeting new companies, willing to develop space tech or related applications and services in Finland, as well as investors searching for such companies.