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What is the secret to a successful business venture? This start-up would say: focus on your customers. There are many logistics companies that offer telecommunications solutions for vehicle fleets, but their solutions don’t seem to meet their customer’s needs. This gap in customer service is where Capte shines. Capte provides a universal telemetric solution for transportation fleets. What distinguishes Capte from other telemetry solutions is that they provide the entire package – software, hardware, and different connectivity options. For those looking for even more choice, Capte offers their own web-based interface. If you are new to the Capte solution, they also offer consulting services to make sure that the device fits your specific needs.

The Capte solution is multi-faceted, featuring speed and distance tracking and complimented by a unique control platform. Controller Area Network (CAN) vehicle communication technologies allow for fuel consumption monitoring and maintenance alerts to be sent to the control platform. To add another layer of security, alerts can be sent to a customised contact list in case of breakdowns and forced starts. Capte has also built in a public application programming interface (API) so that any previous applications or hardware can be incorporated into their new hardware.

The data that goes into these features comes from Multi-Constellation GNSS. Data from GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou is combined to enable more accurate and reliable location and velocity information compared to using just a single satellite. The data is sent and processed by an in-house IoT hub… and voilà, the Capte all-inclusive telematics solution!

Capte founders Paul and Sergey have gained international experience working for some of the largest privately owned passenger transportation companies. Since founding the company in 2017, they have expanded operations by opening a second office and now have over 4,000 active assets all around the world. Their next step on their expansion journey is to streamline their product across more verticals. Capte’s all-in-one telematic solution empowers transportation companies to leverage their fleet’s connectivity.