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Gdańsk, Poland


To increase a system’s efficiency, you first have to know how its components interact both individually and as a unit. But how can you do that? LESS Industries has the solution! Using real-time sensing techniques combined with predictive analysis, they have come up with a smart monitoring system that anyone can use. Their IoT solutions are available for use in a range of sectors, such as agriculture, energy, logistics, and smart cities. LESS Industries provides their customers peace of mind when it comes to monitoring their operations.

Sensors can be installed for a variety of uses. Humidity, light intensity, soil salinity, and CO2 levels are just a few of the parameters that can be measured and sent to the LESS cloud. Once this data is stored, the open API is designed to give customers access to either the raw data or the processed data from the physical sensors. The system analyses the data and sends customers real-time alerts, allowing for smart and quick actions to be taken. The advantages of the LESS Cloud are that it’s cost-effective, robust, and easily adjustable. Also, the entire system can be connected through LoRa, Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet, or GPS, allowing for personal preference.

They use Galileo data to geolocalise their devices, making data collection less expensive. Combined with its ability to continuously monitor, the LESS Cloud enables greater customer understanding and trust-building. For example, by using sensors that detect when a power line falls, companies can detect problems 90% faster than current solutions can.

Less Industries is a start-up headquartered in Buenos Aires and Gdansk, Poland. Founders Sebastian, Sebastian, Lucas, and Andrei first started the company in 2014 for a university assignment, and since then, their business has taken off. They have entered markets in Australia, Europe, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Norway, Peru, and Poland. With a smattering of awards for innovation in agriculture & entrepreneurship, this team was selected to participate in Point.IoT to, as they like to say, fulfill their dream of becoming the Google Analytics of the real world.