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AI has enormous potential to be used on scale in emergency and disaster prevention. The application possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes a solution like MSDK’s so exciting. They have created a simple, cost-effective location tracking product that can be used with no network connection. To be clear, their solution Lifeguard does not only track location – their also wearable warns workers and managers of potential dangers and accidents. By collecting the personal and environmental data from the wearable, MSDK can generate insights and better understand workplace trends.

The main features of Lifeguard are an AI analytics platform, a central server, and a wearable sensor kit. The AI algorithm processes the sensor data and extracts the desired information. It also predicts accidents before they happen and warns workers to get to safety. When the wearer goes out of the network range, they continue receiving personal autonomous updates from their device, which helps keep them safe. The collected data is aggregated in the central server and displayed on the monitoring panel, which then allows for contact tracing and estimating potential hazards. The sensor kits can also organise Mesh/P2P networks to increase network availability.

MSDK utilises Galileo for search and rescue service (SaR) operations and in multi-constellation GNSS. The SaR service lets workers request emergency assistance even when they have no network connection. It then sends the worker in distress a message informing them that their request for help has been received. The multi-constellation signals in geo-locationing gives their solution more precise and accurate location identification.

MSDK is a research-driven start-up, with a focus on creating a strong base in data mining and AI. Founders Denis and Mikhail have backgrounds in machine learning and between the two of them, have authored at least 30 scientific articles. They also have worked on other IoT projects, both on the algorithmic and development side. They came up with Lifeguard after seeing their customers’ need for a flexible, location tracing product that works without network connection. Besides Lifeguard, MSDK is also working on a smart-baby-monitor that is grounded in similar technologies.