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About 30% of the food produced for human consumption globally is lost somewhere along the food supply chain1. With a growing global demand for food, there is not only an opportunity but a need to improve food supply chain management. That’s why whereAt Industries has acted to create a solution that will reduce food loss and waste. Their Smart Logistics PlatformTM provides automated supply chain visibility and enables real-time collaboration between all parties involved. Each transport unit is tracked along its journey, allowing for a cost-effective, granular data solution. The system is cost effective and provides tracking for low and mid value goods, not just those of high value.

whereAt Industries has a modular system that creates a Digital Twin for every stock keeping unit (SKU). They have a “daughter-module” hardware IoT system that is placed on every Level 3 package and a “mother-module” that is placed on every final packaging, like a pallet. The daughter-module utilises Bluetooth, the mother-module GNSS and GSM. Together, they form the Smart Logistics Platform. Their solution also uses Galileo and SISNet to achieve a 1 m2 outdoor location accuracy. This allows them to monitor the status and location of any product, whether it’s indoors, in a shipping container, or on the loading dock of your local supermarket.

This young start-up is re-launching itself as a new and improved company that focuses on its customers needs. The team’s goal with their cost-effective location monitoring solution is to improve supply chain transparency and optimisation. They are starting off with food but are aiming for the stars (or at least international trade).