to: 29 Jan 2021


Toulouse, France


The European Space Agency is jointly organising the 10th International Workshop on Science and Applications of SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry, POLINSAR 2021, the 2nd BIOMASS Science workshop and the 2nd CCI Biomass User workshop.

The workshops will be held in Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis, Toulouse, France on the following dates:

  • 10th POLINSAR Workshop: 25-29 January 2021
  • 2nd BIOMASS Science workshop: 25-29 January 2021
  • 2nd CCI Biomass User workshop 26-28 January 2021

2nd BIOMASS Science and CCI Biomass User Workshop Objectives:

  • Gather and foster the Biomass and CCI biomass science and user communities
  • Exchange the latest results from the CCI biomass project
  • Present the latest Status of the Biomass mission and support its preparation
  • Engage:
  • – the international forest network community;
  • – the UNFCCC REDD community;
  • – the international carbon and climate modelling community.
  • Provide a discussion forum relating to approaches for quantifying AGB change, including requirements from the various user communities
  • Address requirements relating to uncertainty and relevance of in situ measurements and higher resolution airborne/spaceborne data.
2nd Biomass Science and 2nd CCI Biomass User Workshop Sessions
  • The BIOMASS Mission
  • Remote Sensing of biomass
  • International initiatives in forestry, biomass and carbon
  • Forest In Situ Networks and their importance to Biomass
  • Biomass in Biosphere, Carbon and Climate Models
  • The CCI Biomass Project