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The webinar series will feature webinars of interest for the forest monitoring community. It is a combination of sessions organized by the Office and others that partners will host themselves

The #GFOI2020 Webinar Series will help to progress the work of GFOI and continue to foster the international community of forest monitoring practitioners in lieu of the GFOI 2020 Plenary, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Collaboration and open information sharing is essential in an era of global climate change, big data, new tools, limited resources and a growing community of goodwill partners. GFOI partners remain committed to the coordination of international support for improving forest monitoring capacity in developing countries.

The pandemic has certainly caused disruptions of planned activities but GFOI partners are forging ahead with their important work and re-inventing ways to provide forest monitoring support to those in need. Here are some updates from GFOI capacity building partner SilvaCarbon and the outcome of a recent virtual training delivered by the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment Remote Sensing 2020.

Webinars present great virtual opportunity to stay connected and maintain momentum whilst social distancing, so we encourage you to get involved and grab this opportunity to learn more about forest monitoring from the comfort of your home office.

We will update this page with more information and new appointments as they are confirmed, so please stay tuned.

Want to propose a new webinar topic to discuss with the GFOI community? Please do get in touch with:

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually!