to: 02 Dec 2020




The User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a space where users from 12 different market segments meet to discuss their needs for applications relying on Location, Navigation, Timing, Earth Observation, and Secure Telecommunications. New entry for the 2020 edition, the UCP will include other Copernicus users and GOVSATCOM Governmental Satellite Communications users in addition to the classic EGNSS ones.

The Consultation is engaging with user communities, industries, service providers and R&D, bringing together expertise and insights from different applications, sharing experiences, and strengthening a EU network of innovators that can strive only by working together.

Most of the work of the UCP will be carried out during 1-2 December, in 12 parallel panel sessions grouping users by market segment: Road, Agriculture & Forestry, Maritime & Ocean Monitoring, Geomatics & Urban Planning, Public Transport, Natural Disasters & Emergency Response, Critical Infrastructures, Rail, Mass market, Space Users, Aviation & Drones and Governmental. During these sessions several topics will be addressed including an update on the user requirements, synergies with Copernicus, testing campaigns, main market trends, evolution of Galileo/EGNOS and R&D.

Check out for the dates of the User Consultation Plenary during the European Space Week 2020. The outcomes of the GOVSATCOM session will be presented during the session on Secure Satellite Communications on December 9th, while all other segments will present the outcomes of their panel sessions on December 7. The results of the UCP will feed into the future release of the new Reports on User needs and Requirements.