to: 13 Dec 2020




Join us for a two days online workshop to discuss and develop open source hardware and software for space exploration!

The Open Source Cubesat Workshop was created to promote the open source philosophy for CubeSat missions and further create and share knowledge for all kinds of space missions. The fourth edition of the workshop now takes place online: wherever you are!

CubeSats have proven to be an ideal tool for exploring news ways of doing space missions., pushing innovation and transforming the whole satellite industry. This workshop provides a common place for CubeSat developers and CubeSat mission operators to meet, share knowledge and join forces on open source projects to benefit from transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration and community.

The focus of this year’s workshop is on sharing ideas and open collaboration, even when confined at home on opposite points on the globe. The target audience of this workshop is academia, research institutes, companies, astronauts and individuals: anyone motivated to make an open and libre space for all.