to: 12 Jul 2020




As we recover from the pandemic, Europe will be facing far-reaching decisions: How do we work towards a green recovery that is resilient, inclusive, and sustainable? We are currently undergoing both an ecological and a digital transformation. Digitalisation without regard for the environment and climate impact can exacerbate existing problems. At the same time, we cannot solve our environmental problems without digital tools and data.

In 2018 the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety brought together teams from across Germany to solve pressing environmental challenges in the first sustainability hackathon of its kind. The problems we are facing don’t stop at national borders, however – so neither do their solutions: Code4Green 2.0 aims to unite Europe’s brightest minds to find innovative and data-based solutions to ecological challenges. We believe that a better and more sustainable future for Europe is possible by reaching out, thinking creatively, and working together.