to: 13 Jul 2020




Interactive Panel Discussion with live Q&A

Space technology businesses had to reprioritize their activities during the pandemic, resulting in an expected increased strategic investment in sales, business development and marketing in the next 24 months. These activities will take somewhat more priority over R&D and technology. During our webinar in May 2020, speakers highlighted that this development in R&D is expected to be temporary as businesses come to grips with a new normal. Since then, plans have been put into effect to infuse R&D development, to enhance competition across the space technology industry and boost economies, such as in Europe.

Speakers also discussed the impact of the pandemic on investment on space organizations and start-ups. While unrelated to the pandemic, a number of renowned young and conventional space businesses filed for bankruptcy during the first five months of 2020, shaking the satellite industry in particular –these factors combined spook investors. How can we ensure the investment climate remains strong and will continue to support (small) start-ups and larger organizations globally?

Key topics to be addressed:
• How can organizations cultivate creative R&D innovation and technology development going forward and is increased spending viable?
• Investors appear spooked following the pandemic and several bankruptcy filings. How can the space technology industry regain trust from investors?
• How can investors and conventional space organizations assist start-ups in regaining their growth and positioning in the market?